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❝ fugues ❞

f u g u e s
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random musings by mumpo

In music, a fugue is a type of contrapuntal composition for a fixed number of parts, developed in the 1700s by Bach and other composers. In psychology, a fugue state is a state of mind characterized by abandonment of personal identity, along with the memories, personality and other identifying characteristics of individuality.

However, here on LiveJournal, fugues (pronounced "fyoogs" or "foogs" lol) is Rachel/Mumpo (inquisitory)'s journal for complete randomness. A place for discussions, art, music downloads, polls, anything that comes to my crazy mind. Will house my original comic at some point in the undetermined future. Watch the comm (or join for the occasional locked post) if you're interested, and you won't know what's coming up next!

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